Image of Level One Puzzle with around 75 Pieces
Completed Level One Puzzle
Side Shot of Level One Puzzle
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Level 1: Ruin Their Day

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These 75 edgeless pieces will have your recipient puzzling for at least a day. This Puzzle is a great introduction to edgeless puzzles, presenting just enough fun/irritation for someone to attempt it. 

Level of fun/irritation: Midday Telemarketer

Perfect for: 

  • Your Mom.
  • Your Boss (if you have a good relationship or if you are about to quit)
  • Your significant other.
  • For people that say “PELLow” instead of “PILLow”
  • "Granny or Papa” ( know they are SUPER bored right now)
  • All Karen or Ken types.
  • *Also anyone named Carla or Chad.

Feeling Extra Spicy? Just a Wee Bit Evil? UPGRADE!

Add Glitter: Sparkle or Spittle. This extra touch will bring a pile of glitter for the joy or demise of your recipient. Our little Puzzle Fairy enjoys waiving her magic glitter wand to make all your evil genius shine through.

Pull-a-Piece: What's worse than a borderless, colorless puzzle, you ask? How about a borderless, colorless puzzle, that is missing ONE PIECE. With this upgrade, our tiny Puzzle Elf will remove one piece before shipping to ensure the recipient receives an impossible puzzle and a real brain bender. Select if you dare.

Glue a Piece to the Box: Yes. We do this too. ALL pieces included, BUT make your recipient break a sweat. Our Super Glue Expert will tack one puzzle piece to the bottom of the box. Create confusion, frustration, or... an enjoyable challenge? Stupid but worth it.


"It even says it's going to suck"


"We've got to find the corners...there are no corners"


"Are you a sadistic joker?"


"I almost already quit"


"A great way to mess with people"


"It's *sigh* a challenge for sure"


"Oh no, oh no, oh no no no."


"The perfect way to get back at a friend, sibling, or coworker"